Prenatal and post partum care.

AkermanMed's team wants patients have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Our professional doctors and staff will monitor your baby's development and do routine testing to help find and prevent possible problems before, after and during your pregnancy.

For your convenience, an Ultrasound Technician is also part of our team and each facility has two State-Of-The-Arts ultrasounds to monitor babies' development. 

Prenatal Care

Up to the third trimester patients are seen at our office every 4 weeks. Atfer that, office visits are scheduled every 2-3 weeks, and during the last month once a week. However, each patient receives individualized care and the schedule can vary on case by case basis. 


Dr Akerman is the Chair of the OBGYN Department at St Joseph Hospital in Orange (St Joseph Hospital has a privileged location across the street from CHOC which guarantees immediate care for babies at a children's hospital if needed). Patients can also deliver at HOAG Newport and OCGMG Santa Ana. 


The weeks after birth are very important for patients and their infant.

Patients are seen at least once after they deliver: 2 weeks after c-section; 6 weeks after vaginal delivery -visits are tailored to patients' needs.

Physical recovery, emotional assessment and contraception are part of this important visit.