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Midwifery Care

Midwives believe labor is a natural process that needs little intervention. As Midwives, Vicki  and Rachel love helping their patients feel empowered and supported through their pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. Modern prenatal care can sometimes limit the time you have with birth providers and they might not be available for your delivery. Each month our Midwife will take on 2-5 patients that she will follow prenatally and commit to deliver their baby and help them have the birth that they want. 

Between 32-36 weeks make a prenatal appointment with Midwife Vicki or Rachel to discuss your birth plan. If you opt in for Midwifery care at that point you will have 24 hr access to the Midwife for any questions or concerns that arise in between appointments. When your labor begins you will call Vicki and be in constant communication until you head to the hospital. She will come deliver your baby and help you implement your birth plan. After your baby is born she will also assist with any postpartum questions you have before your last appointment. 

Who qualifies for Midwifery care in labor? 

Anyone attempting a vaginal birth. If your pregnancy is high risk, Dr. Akerman and Dr. Lao will be consulted to determine if Midwifery care is appropriate. 

Can I have an epidural with Midwifery care?

Absolutely! Midwifery is about safely delivering your baby the way YOU want to deliver your baby. 

Can I hire a Doula?

Yes, please do! Vicki loves working with Doulas and could not have gotten through her own labor without one! Doulas are professionally trained in assisting you with labor. They help support the birth person and their partner through labor and often postpartum. Having one on one support through each contraction can reduce the use of pain medication, reduce the risk of c-section, may speed up labor and increase Mother baby bonding postpartum. She is happy to work with you and your Doula. If you are attempting an unmedicated birth I recommend hiring a Doula. 

Does Midwifery care cost more, will it be covered by my insurance?

Midwifery care is covered by your insurance and will not come at any additional cost. This is a service we are happy to provide our patients. 

What happens if I need a Cesarean section or if complications arise during my labor?

Certified Nurse Midwives are Masters trained advanced practice Nurse Practitioners who are trained to deal with complications as they arise during labor. Vicki delivers her patients at St Joseph Hospital or HOAG Newport/Irvine. AkermanMed physicians will always be consulted if you have any complications during labor. On the other hand, hospitals always have an obstetrician to consult or even transfer care to if you needed a Cesarean section. Midwifery is about helping women and supporting the birth they want, while always maintaining the safety of Mom and baby. 

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy or tub labor?
Laboring in the shower or the tub in warm water is a great pain relief method. It is a low intervention that can reduce pain, pressure and discomfort throughout labor. Because you are able to move into different positions it will also help your baby get into a good position for birth and may even speed up dilation. Hydrotherapy is safe, effective and there are very few patients who would risk out of this method of pain relief

* Ask Vicki about options at SJH and Irvine Birthing Suites.

What is the difference between water labor/hydrotherapy and water birth? 

Water labor involves using the shower or tub for pain relief during labor. Hoag Irvine currently is the only hospital that we provide services at that has tubs for hydrotherapy. Currently water birth is not allowed at this hospital. Which means patients may labor in water until it is time to push. Although water birth is very safe for low risk pregnancies, no hospitals in Southern California have any policies in place to support it. Water birth involves laboring and delivering in water. We are hoping that future plans will make this possible in years to come. 

If I am going to have a cesarean section can I still see a Midwife during my prenatal care?

Absolutely! We encourage you to meet all of our providers. Everyone can benefit from meeting with our Obstetricians, Nurse Practitioners and Midwife. 

Feel free to contact Vicki or Rachel to talk about unmedicated birth, low intervention care, delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, the golden hour, birth plans, doulas, birth support, water labor, nitrous oxide, spontaneous pushing, pushing in different positions, spinning babies and movement technique in labor, (as well as) other topics that are passionate to them.

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