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What is a Midwife?

The Old English meaning of Midwife means “with women”.

Midwives have been traditional childbirth providers for centuries. Today’s Midwives are professionally trained and educated practitioners skilled in providing care for women throughout their lifetime. At AkermanMed, our Irvine, CA Midwifery Services, Orange, CA Midwifery services and Santa Ana, CA Midwifery services, we can provide care to you during childbirth.


There are many types of Midwives: Lay Midwives are not board certified but are trained by apprenticeship. Licensed Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives and Certified Midwives are all licensed professionals with varying training, but mostly attend home births and are not licensed to practice in the hospital setting. Certified Nurse Midwives (like Vicki, Shayna and Rachel) are graduate level advanced practice Nurse practitioners with training in Women’s health, prenatal care, intrapartum care and delivery as well as postpartum care.

As part of our Irvine, CA , Santa Ana, CA and Orange, CA midwifery OBGYN services, Midwives and Doctors work hand and hand. There are different levels of care that we give depending on a patients medical history and what happens in labor. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) can independently care for low risk patients during their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum periods. When risk factors arise, CNMs always have a backup Obstetrician to consult with, co-manage, and in some cases transfer care.  At AkermanMed, Vicki, Shayna and Rachel always have Dr. Akerman and Dr Lao to support and co-manage when needed for Irvine CA, Santa Ana, CA and/or Orange, CA midwifery services. 

What are the Benefits of a Midwife?

As an expectant mother, you have many important decisions to make, but choosing a healthcare provider that fits your vision and birth plan doesn’t need to be stressful. Here at AkermanMed, we are proud to offer a range of midwifery services in Irvine, CA, Orange, CA and Santa Ana, CA to support you for a peaceful, natural childbirth. These days, many people are choosing to go with a certified nurse midwife, as opposed to the conventional physician, for their birth care. While both midwives and doctors share the same goal- a safe and healthy mom and baby- the approach and experience can be quite different.

There are many benefits to working with a midwife, which may be appealing to you. Midwives tend to spend more time with patients, including through the pre- and post-birth periods. Midwives often offer more holistic or natural childbirth services and may rely more on personal touch and experience than clinical technology. The birthing setting is usually cozy and comfortable, like a bedroom, as opposed to a hospital room. For most people, birthing with an Orange, CA / Irvine, CA / Santa Ana, CA  Midwife costs less than the conventional, doctor-led hospital birth.

At AkermanMed, we offer many levels of obstetrics care, including midwifery. Our certified nurse midwife can guide you through the birth process with ease and confidence, and you can rest well knowing that there is always an Obstetrician on hand, in case of risks or complications. We believe that you should have options for your prenatal care, and how you wish to bring your child into the world. Natural midwifery can be a great option in many cases. Get in touch with our team today to learn more, or to schedule your appointment.

AkermanMed Midwives are also trained to provide gynecological care including pelvic pain, family planning and other. 

Vicki, Shayna and Rachel have privileges at HOAG Irvine Birthing Suites, HOAG Newport and St Joseph Hospital of Orange

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