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If you are struggling to get pregnant, know that you’re not alone. Over 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving naturally, and often must explore fertility treatments in order to grow their families. Thankfully, there is an Orange County, CA infertility doctor that you can trust to guide you through this process, right here at AkermanMed. When it comes to improving your chances of a healthy pregnancy, there are many different options available. One that is minimally invasive and often affordable is artificial insemination. This is often the first route that we advise our patients to take, before considering other options like IVF. 

For many couples, it is priceless to have the expert counsel and care of a qualified fertility specialist, when trying to conceive. Our staff is experienced in all things related to pre-conception care, pregnancy, and childbirth, and is ready to assist you in building the family that you dream of. We understand the frustration that often comes with infertility, and we will advise you of your treatment options, including our Orange, CA or Santa Ana, CA artificial insemination services. You’ll be able to breathe easy knowing you’re in good hands with us, and will be treated with respect and compassion, every step of the way.

Whether you’re ready to have your first child, or you’re looking to expand your family, you can count on us to support you. There are many infertility doctors , but you won’t find another with the impressive experience and warm bedside manner of the team at AkermanMed. Take charge of your fertility, and your future, with our OBGYN services. Reach out to speak with one of our friendly care specialists today, to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Akerman has always been interested in infertility. Before his residency, he did research in infertility with Dr Palermo at Cornell in New York City and since then it has been one of his areas of interest as an Orange, CA OBGYN and Santa Ana, CA doctor.


Our providers help patients who want to have a baby and have been trying to conceive with unprotected intercourse without results. 


We counsel and monitor patients who want to have a baby.


Artificial insemination is an option that patients can try at our Irvine, CA, Orange, CA and Santa Ana, CA offices before considering other options like IVF*, donor treatment or surrogacy*

*Ask our staff about our IVF and surrogate agency partners in CA, Mexico and Colombia.



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